The app which makes the heart of your customer beat faster

It has never been so easy to collect customer feedback

Acquire the Place of your choice from inside the app and promote it to your customers

Collected feedback-data is completely under your control and it remains under your ownership at all times

What makes our solution so special?

No fake

Your customers must be onsite to provide feedback

No bashing

Because customer feedback is only visible onsite, there is no reason for bashing there

No hardware

You do not need any physical and costly feedback device standing around

No login

The app use is due to location intelligence completely anonymous

Our Approach

Stop asking, start listening

If you ask questions (for example through a survey) you miss a chance to find out the real customer needs. here'n'now is the way to a customer driven innovation

Make it easy

Let your customers provide you with a feedback using their own smartphone in a familiar and easy way. With here'n'now they do not have to struggle through a time-consuming survey or use public feedback devices

Act immediately

A real-time customer feedback allows you to act quickly so you can resolve the issue before it escalates. This creates a lasting positive experience that is worth a TripAdvisor post

Make it safe

Your customers stay completely anonymous except for their geolocation. Remember, you are not interested in their identity, but rather in their honest feedback

The Main Features

Real-Time Guestbook

To tap customer experience in real-time. For more information refer to Private Users


To provide your customers with up-to-date information

Remote Access

For the business owner to access the Place from remote and stay tuned

Staff Key

To distinguish your staff while using the app

What happens in a Place, stays in that Place

The app content is only visible to your guests while they are on site


To make the customer's stay at your Place a social experience

To respond to Guestbook entries

Abuse Blocker

To ban users who attempt to use the app for a criminal purpose

Custom Branding

To show a custom background picture of the app whenever used at your Place

Place Key

To create a Place even in locations without GPS signal


To make sure that only users with the correct password can check-in

Your Benefit: Useful feedback a day keeps customers your way

Quality for five stars at TripAdvisors of this World by an outstanding customer care

Stay close to your customers all the time to find out their unspoken expectations

Catch a bad customer experience immediately and turn it into a good one before the issue escalates

Acquire your own business app your customers have already installed, because it is valuable also outside your Place