The app which plays the sound of your employees voice

It has never been so easy to collect employee feedback

Acquire the Place of your choice from inside the app and promote it to your employees

Our Approach

Stop asking, start listening.

If you ask (employee satisfaction survey) questions you miss a chance to uncover what really keeps your employees busy. You'll be surprised how many innovative ideas your staff has to tell.

Make it easy.

Let your employees provide you a feedback anytime and continuously (in a real-time) using their own smartphone in a familiar and easy way. They do not have to fight themselves through a time-consuming annual (paper) satisfaction survey.

Act immediately.

A real-time feedback allows you to take timely actions and show your employees that a useful feedback matters.

Make it safe.

Let your employees stay completely anonymous except for their geolocation. Remember, you are not after their identity but after their honest feedback.

The Main Features

Real-Time Guestbook

To tap the employee satisfaction in a real-time. For an additional information refer to Private Users


To provide your employees fresh information


For the dedicated management staff to access the Place from remote and stay tuned

Staff Key

To distinguish your management staff while using the app


To provide your employees a social communication platform

Abuse Blocker

To ban those users who attempt to use the app for a criminal purpose

Custom Branding

To show a custom background picture of the app whenever used at your Place

Place Key

To create a Place even at locations without a GPS signal


To make sure that only those users who know the password may check-in

Your Benefit

Stay in the driver seat of an everlasting change process your employees undergo

Stay close to your employees all the time to find out their unspoken expectations and observations

Catch bad smells on time and take timely actions before the issue escalates

Acquire your own state of the art digital employee satisfaction tool at an unbeatable price